Postpartum Doula vs Occasional Sitter

It can be so hard to leave your little one in the care of someone that is not family but finding a trusted care provider makes a world of difference. Care work has become increasingly more recognizable and accepted within our society. Erika Matkovich from The Maternal Sidekick shares below how postpartum doula work and occasional childcare work differ and how she provides both!

Erika is a certified postpartum doula with an up to date vulnerable sector police check and CPR/First Aid certificate. After the postpartum experience with her firstborn, Erika realized that there needed to be more support for new families. The feelings of isolation and insecurity of becoming a new mother were too overwhelming to ignore. Since 2017, she has been taking strides in making postpartum support more noticeable and accepted in her community and beyond.

Postpartum Doula Support
Postpartum doula support means more than just holding a baby for a few hours. Supporting the whole family for even a few hours at a time can make positive waves in the postpartum experience. Here are a few examples of how to get the most out of your time with your postpartum doula.

Tasks that can be completed by your postpartum doula:

  • wash dishes
  • laundry wash/fold
  • sanitize and store pump parts
  • make date balls
  • tidy kitchen other rooms (think light housecleaning)
  • change the bed linens
  • make pad-sicles to freeze
  • put away the food delivery
  • entertain older siblings so parent(s) could have one on one time with the newborn
  • attend to the baby’s needs so parent(s) can have a shower, eat a meal, take a nap, reconnect with each other
  • Provide community resources for parent and/or baby
  • lending an ear for parent(s) to share birth/postpartum experiences, concerns and questions.

Occasional Care
When Erika isn’t working with private postpartum clients, she understands the importance of connecting with yourself and/or your loved one, so she would love to help you out for a couple hours here and there to indulge in an appointment, date night or just some time to have your thoughts to yourself without a little one’s interruption through Sitterhood.

Major Difference between postpartum doula work and Occasional care:

Rates: Postpartum Doulas typically charge between $20-$30/hr, while Sitters tend to charge a little less (usually between $10-$20/hr)

Contracts: Postpartum Doulas have contracts which include a scope of practice, while occasional care doesn’t require a contract as it’s usually based on a one time arrangement

Expectations: A Postpartum Doula is there to support the whole family and their responsibilities can be labour intensive. Occasional care is typically provided for a short period of time and the main objective is to keep the child(ren) safe, happy and fed. Occasional care doesn’t typically include any responsibilities other than taking care of the child(ren).

Bookings: Postpartum Doulas are scheduled based on a predetermined contract. Occasional childcare can be booking directly through

Written By: Erika Matkovich

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