A Sitter’s Perspective

I wish I found Sitterhood sooner! I’ve basically been on MAT leave for the last 3 years, my 2 girls born 15 months apart. Yeah, crazy right? To top it, I’m also new to living in the Hamilton area so I didn’t have many “mom friends” around in the thick of learning/supporting how to be a new Mama. That’s why I wish I had known of this service sooner so I could give myself a guilt free break, connections with moms who GET IT and to have that wider spread support group! Don’t get me wrong, credit to my mom and my mother in-law should be paid, but there’s nothing like a bond between another woman who is going through the exact same trials and triumphs as you are, at the exact same time! 

With all being said, when I read what Sitterhood was about I was on board! My journey forward giving support and finding other Mamas like me is going uphill!

I had already decided to not go back to work, so when I found Sitterhood it was only going to be a great fit for our family. I decided to stay home to focus on making an impact on my girls lives and other kids in our community. It DOES take a village to raise a child and kids need to be shown MORE love and kindness! Lead by example!

Think of the bigger picture for our kids. As much as we get caught up in that cutesy phase they are going into or that terrible twos we are dealing with or the homework that is due the next morning… think bigger! What I personally think is, how are we going to raise the next generation to be kinder? Show more love? Because all that bullying and fighting isn’t going to do us any good. I truly believe starting at a young age, a positive and supportive Mama village is a strong foundation for our little ones.

Sometimes for us to be better moms is to step away from our kids! It’s true! But knowing you are leaving the loves of your life with another Mama who will nurture them just as much as you, can release so many stresses! 

This is Sitterhood, welcome to the Village. 

By: ♡ Laura, ~A Homebased Mama~

Visit Laura’s Sitterhood profile to connect with her for occasional childcare.

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