Ela Wojciechowska is the founder of Sitterhood Inc. She is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Hamilton, ON with her partner and two kids. She started Sitterhood out of her own personal struggle to find occasional child care while she was on maternity leave with her son. She recognized the lack of occasional and flexible child care options available, especially for parents on maternity/paternity leave, stay-at-home parents, and parents working from home with kids under the age of four. 

Sitterhood.ca is a growing community of parents. The website provides parents the opportunity to find other parents in their neighbourhood who offer occasional childcare. It’s a way to meet new parents, create genuine friendships, and build your support system. As a result, we hope Sitterhood helps parents achieve their personal goals, whether it’s better self-care, starting their own business or anything in between.

The Sitterhood blog will cover a variety of topics surrounding parenting, but most importantly, it will highlight the importance of asking for help and working as a community to build a stronger support system. We hope that parents will find these topics relatable and helpful in their early parenting years. 

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